The team of consultants at Eslove Tech has a thorough understanding of technology, which enables them to identify, attract and deploy the finest tech candidates on client engagements. Hiring the right people is critical. Regardless of which sector a client operates in, it is important to have the best talent to navigate an increasingly complex business landscape. Our pre-screened talent pool helps companies cut down on hiring time. We source the best talent continuously and keep a tab on emerging skills. This puts us in an advantageous position as we hire people for niche skill sets that are experiencing a surge in demand. With focused redeployments, we enable Eslove Tech authority to acquire valuable experience by working on various engagements.

We believe in the integrated leadership and the motivational dynamics of professionals using strategies of practice segmentation, and we deliver the highest caliber of specific expertise required while aligning the firm’s practices, people, and resources, and always focusing on client service and results. This makes our client teams effective in delivering value and exceptional results.

With the finest tech talent in diverse areas, we augment your teams for success. The world of technology is in constant flux. As more companies embark on digital transformation (DX) initiatives, the need for skilled tech workers will continue to rise. The technological landscape is, however, quite fragmented today. In the past, companies used to require talent in a handful of areas. Today, new languages and frameworks appear on the horizon every month and companies are finding it hard to acquire quality talent in new areas.

Eslove Technologies has a stellar track record of helping companies augment their technology teams with skilled manpower. We have highly skilled talent not only in traditional areas like application development, packaged applications, and systems integration but also in newer areas like cloud, data science, and automation. All our candidates go through a rigorous evaluation to ensure that they are at the top of their game in terms of technical acumen and interpersonal skills.

Our engagement model is result-oriented, which means that we are invested in the success of our clients. We deploy resources who we believe can hit the ground running. If a client is not satisfied with a resource, we replace them immediately with another professional. We also invest in the continuous development of our team with structured training programs. Connect with us to see how we can augment your team for success.

Job Placement Services

Eslove is aware of how important it is to hire people with the appropriate skill sets who can contribute to the success of your company. Finding the appropriate employees is never simple, whether you are a tiny firm or a major corporation with your own HR department. Here is where we come in.





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